GDP FUll Form

What is GDP Full Form

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GDP full form Is Gross Domestic Product. It is the total value of goods and services produced within a country in a year.

GDP is the measurement statistics of final goods and services means the product and services brought by the end-user.

GDP shows the overall economic health of the country by measuring the total domestic production of a nation. It mainly measures annually but in some cases, it can also be measured quarterly.

GDP FUll Form

Economics always looks at a growth rate of GDP, to measure the overall economic growth of the country. For instance, if the growth rate of GDP is high then the lifestyle or living standards are also high in a country.

A higher GDP country has higher living standards. Contribution to GDP in India mainly depends on 3 sectors i.e Agriculture and Allied services, Industry, Service sector.

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1.GDP Full Form In hindiसकल घरेलू उत्पाद
2.GDP Full Form In English Gross domestic product
3.GDP Full Form In IndiaGross domestic product (GDP)
4.GDP Full Form In Computer General Data Processor
5.GDP Full Form In medical General Dental Practitioner,
6.GDP Full Form In BankingGood Debt Payments
7.GDP Full Form In pharmaGeneral Dental Practitioner
8.GDP Full Form In geographyGentle Deep Pond
9.GDP Full Form In biochemistryGuanosine Diphosphate
10. GDP Full Form In pharmacologyGateway Discovery Protocol
11.GDP full form in marathiसकल देशांतर्गत उत्पादन

How to Calculate GDP

GDP can mainly calculate in three ways i.e Income Procedure, Expenditure procedure, and Production procedure. All three procedure is returning the same result theoretically

1. Income Procedure

By this method GDP measures by wages and salary of people earned by in jobs and self-employment plus the profit of private sector business plus Rent income of land.

Formula :​

GDP = Total Income + Profit from firms + Rent

2. Expenditure procedure

In this method, it totally depends on various types of expenditure that has occurred in the nation.


GDP = (Exports − Import) + Consumer expenditure + Investors expenditure + Government expenditure

According to the above formula, GDP calculated by the expenditure of export minus import plus Expenditure of consumers’ spending on the good plus expenditure of investors on business capital plus Government expenditure on public goods and services.

3. Production procedure

This method calculates the total market value of all goods and services produced in a particular year. To avoid the price mismatching the real GDP is calculated i.e a nations real GDP is always a fixed price.


GDP = Real GDP – Taxes + Subsidies.

Types of Gross Domestic Product

1. Real GDP

It is an inflation-adjusted measure that shows the value of goods and services produced within an economic year.

Real GDP calculated by dividing the inflammation rate with GDP. It is also known as constant-price GDP.

2.Nominal GDP

Nominal GDP is an economic value of goods and services but it also included the current price of products and services. It shows the increasing price rate of a product through a year.

3.Actual GDP

It is the measurement of the economical health of a country at the current time period.

4.Potential GDP

Potential GDP is the economic calculation for the ideal situation of a nation like a steady currency, low inflation, and full employment.

History of GDP

The basic concept of GDP is was firstly introduced by William Petty between 1652 and 1674 because to defend unfair landlord taxations process.

Later this method is changed and developed by Charles Davenant and their modern concept is established by Simon Kuznets in 1934.

After that, a conference held by Bretton Woods in 1944 known as the Bretton Woods conference and after this conference, becomes the most effective tool to measure economic health.

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